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FLEXO PRODUCTS LIMITED TRUCKS Since 1918 our goal at Flexo has been to supply innovative solutions to a wide range of customer problems, while at the same time maintaining unparalleled service, quality and value.
To achieve this, our full product range, from cleaning chemicals and floor finishes, to recycling systems, maintenance equipment and paper supplies is constantly scrutinized and upgraded to take advantage of up-and-coming technologies. FLEXO PRODUCTS LIMITED TRUCKS
FLEXO PRODUCTS LIMITED TRUCKS At Flexo we are constantly trying to make it easier for customers to purchase our products. Our growing fleet of vehicles ensure prompt delivery. Trained personnel offer quick answers on product choice and delivery. And our concise Material Safety Data Sheets provide complete information on WHMIS and TDG.

It's time you discovered why Flexo is one of Canada's
most complete sanitation supply companies.

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