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Flexible OrderingSince 1918 our goal at Flexo Products has been to supply innovative solutions to a wide range of customer problems, while at the same time maintaining unparalleled service, quality and value.

To achieve this, our full product range - from cleaning chemicals, floor finishes, laundry and warewashing, to recycling systems, maintenance equipment and paper supplies - is constantly scrutinized and upgraded to take advantage of new technologies.

As these technologies change, so do our customers needs and we believe we are at the forefront in response to these changing requirements.

In the past several years the trend towards full service distributors and away from the central stores concept of distribution has become very evident throughout facilities in Ontario.

In monitoring this trend, we have been able to respond to it and adjust our method of doing business to accommodate our customers' needs.

As we meet these needs, we have also seen the necessity to expand our product line and become a single source supplier. The cost benefits of single source supply, by far, outweigh the lowest cost purchasing method that is given up in this transition.

The following pages outline what we have to offer and , most importantly, how your facility can benefit by considering our "Flexible Ordering System".

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