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EcoBuyer Newsletter, Issue 19, summer 2004

"On a regular basis we receive calls of concern and requests for help with environmentally responsible options for cleaning products," said Steve Parker, President and CEO for Flexo Products Ltd. "From the parent who is concerned with the chemicals in the products being used at their child's school, to the government corporate buyer who has to ensure that they meet the standards set in the procurement policy, to the office manager concerned about allergic complaints to the cleaning products being used in the office. They are all looking for a means to reduce the harmful toxins that effect the environment and the health of themselves and their loved ones. This is great that so many people are taking these issues seriously! Not only do they have the intent but they also have the determination to follow through. Everybody is finding a way to be environmentally responsible."

The City of Toronto has been very proactive in its efforts to be environmentally responsible, having worked diligently for over three years to bring the G.I.P.P.E.R. Guide to publication in 2002. They have also recently shown leadership with the new by-laws concerning chemical use for lawn care and also taking measures to ensure the same care is taken with the purchase of cleaning products that are to be used in their buildings.

"The City of Toronto is one of many examples where cities are taking specific measures to ensure all aspects of a cities functions are green," says Kevin Gallagher, Vice-President of TerraChoice Environmental Marketing. "They should be applauded for their initial efforts at working to green their procurement criteria for cleaning"

EcoLogo certified Patriot #5 Bowl Cleaner and Patriot #2 General Purpose Cleaner sold by Flexo were selected as the winning products for two environmentally responsible categories. "Our EcoLogo certification definitely made the difference for out company to secure parts of these contracts," said Mr. Parker. "It gave the City third party certification that we meet all the criteria they had defined in their specifications without them having to do any further research - it really is that simple."

For a complete listing of EcoLogo certified Flexo products or any other Flexo inqueries please direct them to Steve Parker, President and CEO for Flexo Chemicals at

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